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Bricks-and-mortar: all change

At a recent Panasonic event, we brought together some industry experts for discuss how in-store technology innovation can transform the consumer experience and how shops can maximise their ROI from these new technologies. This blog shares a few key takeaways from the presentation given by Tim Gardner, Head of Creative Partnerships at Retail Week.

Smart-store technologies: the retail situation in Germany
The future of telematics and autonomous vehicles

The logistics industry has been leading the way for at least a decade with the implementation of telematics; using it to help plan faster delivery routes, save money on fuel and cut travel time. But the notion of autonomous vehicles and the likelihood of them being part of our fleets in the near future is extending our vision of what’s possible beyond simple data analytics. I’m often asked by customers what my view is on the future of our fleets – what’s realistic and what’s a pipedream. I think it’s all possible, but we do have to work together…

In this blog, you can find a part of that.

What’s your in-store digitisation strategy?

On Monday, Panasonic picked up an award at the Checkout National Supplier Retail Awards 2019 for ‘Retail Innovation of the year,’ in collaboration with Domus Projects. The accolade was in recognition of our work with Londis Convenience Stores at Dublin City University in Ireland, where we created an integrated retail solution. Which kind of technology helps this store? You can find the detail in this blog.

Micro hubs for macro impact

The 35th International Supply Chain Conference was held in Berlin on 17/18 October 2018. It is one of the largest events for the logistics industry anywhere in Germany, and I had the opportunity to attend. Over the course of two days, major logistics players and their suppliers and service providers came together to discuss the challenges they face, and possible solutions – some of which have already proven their viability in real-world settings.  

One topic that garnered significant attention was last-mile delivery and the hurdles to be overcome during this phase – particularly in congested urban areas.

How logistics players are overcoming this situation? You can find that in this blog.

Award success for Panasonic for flagship Londis installation

Award success for Panasonic for flagship Londis installation. Panasonic Business and our Irish partner Domus Projects, have been awarded ‘Retail...

In-store Insights from us, for you
Understanding the retailers and their unique needs is key to our success. So we stay abreast of the latest trends and emerging technologies. And we believe it is important to share our knowledge with you. We published three white papers in the past year as part of our In-store Insights series. Each of these provides actionable information that helps retail players better understand and address important industry topics: The role of technology instore, the current situation in Germany and the implications of GDPR for retailers.
Micro hubs: big in Japan
Micro hubs are proving an attractive solution for congested urban environments. These small, at times temporary, distribution hubs are located within city limits. Delivery trucks deposit packages here that are then picked up by local couriers for last-mile delivery. This blog discusses how this ingenious solution is being leveraged in Japan in greater detail –the most challenging country in terms of the logistics environment. Read the blog to see how this country is building up the win-win relationship for all those involved.
Panasonic Facial Recognition Contributes To Store’s Retail Award
Panasonic Facial Recognition Contributes To Store’s Retail Award. Panasonic’s facial recognition technology has helped ‘Jumbo Ten Brink Food’ to...
Industrial light and magic

Panasonic in the UK and Ireland has been working closely with Londis DCU to install high-tech lighting and camera systems that improve customer experience instore.

Loss prevention in retail: theft is not a faceless crime
Shrinkage is an all-too familiar issue for bricks-and-mortar retailers. It affects large chains and small independent stores alike. And the problem seems to be getting worse. Understandably, bricks-and-mortar retailers are investing time and big money in combating customer theft problems. Employees are being trained to spot suspicious behaviour. Store layouts are being modified to hinder shoplifters. Then there are the more high-tech measures. This blog takes a look at the trends in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the US.
Londis DCU – Ireland

Londis DCU has incorporated numerous Panasonic technologies in to its newly built retail technology showcase at Dublin City University.

Retail Theatre: setting the stage for success
Retail theatre is THE hot topic in physical retail. In fact, my colleagues and I received a staggering number of enquiries on this topic while exhibiting at Retail Week’s Tech. event. So how do you achieve this? There are concrete actions that can be taken to survive and thrive. Here are five tipson how to attract customers back to your bricks-and-mortar store. Click below to read the blog.
A CITY IN 4K - FUTURE-PROOF CCTV SOLUTION. Antonio Decaro explains, “The issue of urban safety is one shared by all metropolitan areas.
Accuracy concerns could stall facial recognition adoption
With the efficacy of facial recognition technology coming under scrutiny from recent negative news coverage, there are concerns regarding the future of security analytics. Karen Sangha, Field Marketing Manager for Panasonic Security Solutions, discusses.
Get connected: Merseyrail's new trains will feature free wifi - even in tunnels and underground stations
Get connected: Merseyrail's new trains will feature free wifi - even in tunnels and underground stations. Panasonic to deliver wireless connectivity across...
Panasonic – more than consumer electronics?
People know Panasonic for our televisions, stereos, cameras, and other consumer electronics. Very few people are aware that we also offer B2B solutions, including for the retail industry. So visitors at the Tech. event, staged by Retail Week magazine and World Retail Congress, were understandably but pleasantly surprised to see a Panasonic stand. In fact, our dedicated Panasonic Retail business unit was only established on 1 April 2018, and this was the first time that it participated in a major event. Read the blog to find out the highlights of the event and the retail technology solutions available from Panasonic.
Data: Top 30 retailers by store sales densities
In-store tech is a crucial weapon for driving footfall and conversion, according to Retail Week research that ranks retailers on sales densities. Published today, Supercharged stores: the top 30 retailers winning with tech, produced in association with Panasonic, found Apple at the top of the list with Burberry coming in second, in 2017/18. What is boosting their sales densities? Read the blog to find out more.
Is the death of traditional retail truly upon us?
We know that the retail landscape is changing rapidly, but is speculation around the death of traditional bricks and mortar retail stores overblown? At Panasonic Business, we believe that the secret to retail longevity lies in greater digitisation, automation and connectivity across the entire retail experience and supply chain. With this, physical retail spaces can be enhanced and play an ever-greater role in customer experience. In this blog, you can find how Panasonic can help you with our technology.
How far can Amazon really ‘Go’?
Since its big fanfare opening, Amazon Go has become a firm establishment in Seattle and is now set to open in Chicago and San Francisco. Once customers get used to how fast and convenient it is - given that payment and cashier queues are now obsolete - what seemed like a futuristic concept is fast cementing itself as a retail reality. Undoubtedly, this concept will continue to grow as customers evolve their shopping habits. Fresh grocery shopping is looking to become digitised, with the potential of Amazon deploying the technology at Whole Foods being considered. Read the blog to see how far can they can ‘Go’ in the future?


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